About Us

Zip McCall Adventures is part of a rich history in Idaho !

Our parent company, EBL Zip Lines, has been designing, installing, owning, and operating zip line tours in the Great State of Idaho since 2005! Originally retained by a new upstart ski resort outside of Donnelly, Idaho to design and layout the zip line tour. EBL Zip Lines returned to install the course in 2006, followed by an expansion of two additional zip lines and two suspension bridges in 2007. Then, in 2008, EBL Zip Lines invested, installed, and owned the first course in Horseshoe Bend until 2012. This course was leased to a third party operator

Around 2009, The Idaho Outfitters and Guides Board began to establish license procedures for zip line tours in Idaho.  EBL Zip Lines was invited to a full meeting of the Board, sharing with them examples of EBL insurance, engineering, drawings, tree management and practices, operations manuals, training manuals, pictures, and industry standards by first ever ANSI Accredited Standards Developer, Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA), for Ropes Courses, Aerial Adventure Parks, and Canopy Zip Line tours. Later to become the industries FIRST ANSI/PRCA American National SAFETY Standards in March 2014 for Ropes Courses, Aerial Adventure Parks, and Canopy Zip Line tours. EBL Zip Lines is proud to have assisted in laying the ground work and play such a critical role in establishing zip lines in the Great State of Idaho.

In Spring 2009, the ski resort shuttered all operations on the ski hill, including the zip lines, due to financial issues. Having a great working relationship with the management team and ownership, EBL Zip Lines entered into an operational agreement July 2009, becoming the exclusive operator of that ski resort zip line course until September 2016. During our operational tenure, we had a mystery zipper on our tour and the next thing we knew, our tour and EBL operations were voted one of the Top 10 tours USA Today Newspaper!  In fact, two of the top 10 tours listed were built by EBL and two others brought EBL in as consultants with our design components utilized. WOW! An honor in deed.

During this time, the ski resort went through numerous ownership changes. EBL Zip Lines continued to operate the tours at the ski resort, even at times when every other resort service had been discontinued. We did our best to keep the activity at the ski resort alive! Through all the resort issues, EBL Zip Lines was proud to carry the zip line tour and kept being awarded fresh contracts to operate the tour.

In October 2016, EBL ceased operations at the resort. Thank you to everyone who came up to join us on the tour! Now, it's time to move on.

During some parallel efforts in 2015, EBL Zip Lines began working with the Idaho State Parks and Recreation about the possibility of installing and operating a zip line park in the greater Boise area. Eagle Island State Park and Lucky Peak locations were considered. Due to location, closer proximity to the greater area Boise population and drive times, EBL focused its efforts on Eagle Island State Park. Construction of the new Zip Boise course began in the summer of 2015 and operated the first tour on December 15, 2015.

As the concept of Zip McCall Adventures took shape, EBL was extremely grateful to have found plenty of community support and goodwill in McCall and with State of Idaho officials. Specifically mentioned to us, for our "ethical and professional operations at the ski resort " and our Zip Boise course at Eagle Island State Park in 2015. After meetings and conversations, EBL was invited to return to the McCall area in April 2017 and conduct discussions with the Idaho Department of Lands.  Having scoped out a fresh location for an all new tour, EBL submitted the proper paperwork and application, went through a public announcement / competitive bid process, and won a lease on land up Boulder Lake Road, just outside of McCall. 


Our Cause

Plain and simple, we love zip lines! We love the outdoors! We love McCall! The rest seems straight forward. So, Zip McCall construction began in September 2017 and completed Phase One; two tree house platforms. four zip lines from 350 -2,000 feet long, parking lot, office area and other business infrastructures. Phase Two will begin in May 2018 with installing the remaining portions of a 110 foot long suspension bridge, followed by two more zip lines from 1,800-2,400 feet long! Phase One will be open for tours while Phase Two is under construction. This is all funded by EBL Zip Lines investment. No State or Federal tax dollars were used for funding Zip McCall Adventures or the course.

Zip McCall Adventures operates in a State of Idaho endowment forest. Endowment forests are managed forests. Timber harvesting followed by replanting keeps endowment forests healthy and growing for years to come. Another timber harvest and replanting are planned in this area in the next 2-5 years. Excitement is in the air as we move closer to opening up new land for multi-recreational use. Part of the revenue from our business goes to support Idaho schools and veterans homes. How great is that!

The State of Idaho received millions of acres of endowment lands at statehood for the sole purpose of funding specific beneficiaries. The revenue from the rent we pay to lease the endowment land, along with a percentage of receipts and revenue from trees that are harvested as we continue to build our infrastructure goes to the Charitable Institutions Endowment Fund. The fund provides financial support for Idaho State University, State Hospital North, Idaho Veterans Homes, the School for the Deaf and Blind, and the State Juvenile Corrections Center.

The Idaho Constitution requires endowment lands to be managed "in such manner as shall secure the maximum long-term financial return” to the beneficiaries. Zip McCall Adventures is proud to help the endowments fulfill its mission.

For more information on Idaho endowment lands, please visit www.idl.idaho.gov

So, whether it is zipping through the forest, hiking the trails, or mountain biking to the lakes, Zip McCall Adventures
is contributing to Idaho's future.

For more information, please visit:

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